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References and Testimonials

"Joe Minato is one of the most incredible teachers, thinkers, humans, and student-centered advocates who I have ever worked with."

Peyton Chapman

Principal, Lincoln High School

"Between our two families, four of our children had the privilege of learning from Joe Minato. We know he is the best teacher they have ever had. He is a remarkable man, curious and humble, but extremely learned and razor sharp. Every student who has experienced his teaching knows Joe cares deeply about his subject matter and, more importantly, that he cares about them."

Karen Solomon & Kathy Weeks

Parents of Former Students

“Joe is a great communicator with not only the student but the parents as well. I think it's great he keeps the parents in the loop in case there are issues that need to be addressed, or just so we as parents can be 'in the know.'"

Beth Daley-Colasurdo

Parents of Former Student

“From the first time we met Joe Minato to discuss our son's progress we were impressed with his proactivity and his passion. He shared what he thought our son's strengths were and how we could help him succeed. Joe didn't just tell us what our son was doing, he told us what he could be. Joe Minato cares and it shows. Joe loves all his kids. He somehow makes each one feel special, empowered...Joe Minato is everything a teacher can be."

Jim and Anne Bocci

Parents of Former Student

“Joe even managed to channel the more headstrong elements of our son’s personality into team and project leadership activities that have built up his self-confidence and improved his ability to work cooperatively with his classmates.”

Jay and Tina Ward

Parents of Former Student

"Thank you Mr Minato! First, I enjoy all of your emails about your class as well as your past reflections that bring up childhood memories. Second, your amazing ability to keep students engagement during covid and live classes. Your style of teaching is a breath of fresh air for students and parents. Third, my son and friends so enjoy their lives as nerds and it's teachers like yourself that help them feel the confidence to be themselves and not feel ashamed of enjoying their interests. Your name was mentioned last night a couple times as they sat outside, under the stars, celebrating the fourth. So thank you, Eric will miss you but luckily for us we still have one more child to get through Wells."

The Hopkins Family

Don, Carrie, Eric, and Jake

"We also want you to know how much we appreciate and value the expertise, creativity and enthusiasm that you put into your teaching. We feel really lucky that both of our kids have had you as a teacher. Sol and Liliana are both very different kinds of students and people, and yet you have been able to motivate and inspire both of them to pursue science. 


We just wanted you to know that we truly appreciate you, and to thank you."

Stella Beatríz Kerl-McClain

"I just wanted to take a minute to compliment you.  In all our time in the education system with an ADHD kiddo, you have been the best, most communicative, most transparent teacher we have seen.  I know this year has been tough on everyone, and you've made this easier on us and (our son) because of your dedication.  Thank you so much."


Parent of Former Student

"I was so moved by (the) letter (sent to families). Shayah has told me what an amazing and dedicated teacher you have been and I didn’t know the half of it! This letter represents such encouragement, compassion and generosity. Though you phrase it lightly, you are clearly willing to go out of your way to help the students succeed.


On behalf of our family, and all of those in this class, thank you so very, very much for all of your efforts and dedication to these students. I am very grateful and inspired."


Laura Kosak

Parent of Former Student

"Thanks for (the email home) – you are a great teacher, and I haven’t even watched the videos yet. Prior to getting this, and directly after your class today, Jesse came into the kitchen and said the following (yes, I typed verbatim as he spoke, because I wanted to capture it):

"I just want to emphasize how great this trip (Astronomy Camp at MFS 2022) was for me. A combination of the content, the people, and the location made this experience one of the best in my life. Thank you so much for putting this together every year."

Brinnan Smith IBWHS 2023

"Thomas will remember his time with you fondly for the rest of his life!"

Thomas Schuff's (Sisters High School 2023) parents

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