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The truth is, most of my truly valuable and authentic education has been, and continues to be, informal.

Master's  Degree in Science Teaching
Eastern Oregon University

July 2002 - July 2003

After being a professional educator for a couple of decades, I decided to go legitimate, or at least mainstream, and I earned an MTE in education. I did my student teaching at Joseph High School.


The Wizard of Oz : They have one thing you haven't got: a diploma. Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Universitartus Committiartum E Pluribus Unum, I hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of ThD.

The Scarecrow : ThD?

The Wizard of Oz : That's... Doctor of Thinkology.

Graduate Studies in Astrophysics and Geophysics
University of Washington
SUNY Buffalo
University of Oregon

July 1984 - August  1991

I never could reach closure in graduate school. I earned countless credits, worked on some great projects, but, ultimately did not earn an advanced degree. I was not made for academia.

I am very grateful for my MIT education. I felt that I was treated as a unique, creative individual and honored for my strengths rather than criticized for my weaknesses.

Bachelor's Degree in Physics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aug 1980 - June 1984

Minor in math. I published a version of my undergraduate thesis in The Astrophysics Journal, a peer-reviewed journal. Winner of the Polaroid award for service to the physics department. The award was for the unique peer tutoring program I developed.

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