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The tutors I endorse here are former students of mine who are still in high school. I have encouraged and mentored them as tutors. I endorse each of them, or else I would not agree to list them here. However, they do vary in background, skill, and experience, with none of them having much experience. As such, their fees are low. I post their information here as a service to them and to you, the prospective client or parent. I do not take any "cut" as payment. My role is simply to mentor young tutors and match them with appropriate students. Prospective students or parents are welcome to schedule a one-time session with me so that I can help match student to tutor.

I do not presently have any high school peer tutors. I am working on training a few new ones. Stay tune. August 10, 2023.

Name of future High School Peer Tutor

Future High School Peer Tutor description goes here!

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