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Dumbbell Nebula by Teagan Snyder, Wilson High School Class of 2019

Public Star Parties

If you would like to be on my Star Party e-mail list, send me a note saying so. Just put Star Party in the subject line. I tend to not plan star parties more than a few days in advance.


Upcoming Star Parties:

Saturday, April 2, Stub Stewart State Park. Tentative. Send me an email if you are planning to join me. I will send you more info. I am keeping an eye on the weather. I will make a final decision by 5:00 pm on the day of the event.

While these are free and open to the public, registration is required. I am limiting the size of each star party to 20 guest plus myself and a few assistants from the Ida B. Wells High School Astronomy Club.


To register, send an email to Tell me how many people in your group with ages of anyone under 16. Briefly tell me the astronomy background of your group. These are beginning star parties. Check out this page for general information on attending star parties.