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Dumbbell Nebula by Teagan Snyder, Wilson High School Class of 2019

Public Star Parties

If you would like to be on my Star Party e-mail list, send me a note saying so. Just put Star Party in the subject line. I tend to not plan star parties more than a few days in advance.


Recent Star Parties

Monday, July 25, Wallowa Lake State Park. See page devoted to this event. Free. No registration required.

Tuesday, July 27, Dark Sky Location in Wallowa County. See page devoted to this event. Free. Registration required. Register at

Future Star Parties

Stay tuned for more free public star parties!

Other Rural Oregon & Washington Astronomy Events

  • I am looking to do more events similar to the Wallowa Lake State Park or Wallowology events at different locations around the region. Let me know if you are interested in working with me to plan one.