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The tutors I endorse here are professional colleagues who I have worked with for years and who I endorse. They are in alphabetical order. Some are written in first person, some in third. Contact each tutor for more information.


Abby and Brett Larson


Abby and Brett Larson are outstanding professional tutors who specialize in SAT and ACT preparation (both Abby and Brett working together), study skills and reading for younger students (Brett), and high school math and science (Abby).


Check them out at

Locke Patton

Locke has a masters in astrophysics from Harvard University and works as a science education specialist at the Boston Science Museum. Locke can tutor any high school math or physics, some college math, most college physics, most college astronomy. 

Contact Locke at

Debby Barany

Debby Barany is a long-time local professional tutor who specializes in math, executive function and academic skills (EFS), and college counseling.

Learn more about Debby and her services at:

Tom Giese

Tom Giese is a retired chemist and long-time local professional tutor who specializes in chemistry and biology.

Contact Tom at or (503) 522-1245‬.

Darcy Rubin


Darcy Rubin is a legendary professional tutor with over 30 years experience. She tutored my own daughter. Get more information at her LinkedIn page.

Shannon Rush

Shannon Rush is an accomplished middle and high school math teacher and tutor with decades of experience. She was the math chair at Catlin Gable School for many years. More details at her website.

Angelina Trillo


Nationally recognized as the 2023 Student Veteran of the Year for her academic achievement and community impact, Angelina Trillo received her BS from Oregon State University in 2024 and has been accepted to graduate school. 

She is available to tutor algebra through calculus, AP biology, composition, and college applications!


Please email her for any inquiries and pricing:

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