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The tutors I endorse here are professional colleagues who I have worked with for years and who I endorse. They are in alphabetical order. Some are written in first person, some in third. Contact each tutor for more information.


Abby and Brett Larson


Abby and Brett Larson are outstanding professional tutors who specialize in SAT and ACT preparation (both Abby and Brett working together), study skills and reading for younger students (Brett), and high school math and science (Abby).


Check them out at

Debby Barany

Debby Barany is a long-time local professional tutor who specializes in math, executive function and academic skills (EFS), and college counseling.

Learn more about Debby and her services at:

Locke Patton


I am a life-long astrophysics, mathematics, coding and physics fanatic. I received a master’s degree in astrophysics from Harvard and a bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy from the University of Washington. I first started tutoring in exchange for coffee when I entered Portland State University at 16, but under the guidance of Mr. Minato, I learned to tutor full-time during a gap year. He first introduced me to my love of physics in his middle school classroom. I adore tutoring all sorts of STEM fields, as it is rarely about the topic for me, but about learning how to best teach each individual. Let's find the ways that you learn best, and if we do it right, find your spark for learning. I won’t give you an equation without helping you build the intuition of how to build it again. But the more fun we have while learning, the better. So prepare for some fabulous math and physics jokes. In my spare time, you're likely to catch me bouldering, finding obscure science or craft YouTube videos, training for triathlons, practicing Thai or playing lots of board games.

Available to tutor:

Mathematics: algebra, algebra 2, geometry, pre-calc, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, etc.

Physics: middle school, high school, and college introductory physics, quantum mechanics.

Coding: Python

TUTORING RATES for high school classes other than AP, IB, College = $80/hour

TUTORING RATES for AP, IB, College, and other Advanced Courses = $100/hour

We can work out groups.

All tutoring by Zoom except for students in Boston, Massachusetts area​.


Darcy Rubin


Darcy Rubin is a legendary professional tutor with over 30 years experience. She tutored my own daughter. Get more information at her LinkedIn page.

Guthrie Stafford

Guthrie is a 2016 graduate of Wilson High School (now Ida B. Wells HS) and a 2020 graduate of the honors college at the University of Oregon. He has been volunteering as an adult tutor at the Smart City Learning Cafe for the current school year with great success. He has a full time job with the Oregon Department of Education and does substantial volunteer work, but is interested in finding one or two students to work with individually.

"Guthrie is the perhaps the closest young adult I have seen who qualifies as a "Renaissance Person." -- Joe Minato

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