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Diamond Ring Effect Wide.jpeg
  The Diamond Ring Effect, Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, by Max Goldstein, Wilson High School Class of 2019


My tutoring load is nearly full for next school year 2024-2025. Contact me by email as soon as you can to get on my waiting list.


I have been tutoring off-and-on, mostly on, since 1978. I began as a junior at Columbia High School and tutored math and science at Mt. Hood Community College. I developed a unique peer-tutoring program in the physics department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for which I won the prestigious Polaroid Award. I believe in the power of one-on-one and small group tutoring.

I focus on the following:

  • Physics

    • 9th Grade NGSS Patterns Physics

      • NGSS Patterns Physics Groups for students who are struggling

      • Advanced 9th Grade Physics Groups for ​students who desire enrichment

    • AP Physics 1, 2, C Mechanics​

    • IB Physics first and second year

    • First year College Physics with or without calculus

  • 10th Grade NGSS Patterns Chemistry​. I recommend George Penk for AP or IB Chemistry.

  • Note: Not biology. I am looking for a good biology tutor to refer students to.

  • Math​ (any of these can be one-on-one or small groups)

    • Not 9th grade Geometry. I will do my best to refer students to a qualified tutor.

    • Not Algebra 1-2 (known as Algebra I or first year algebra around the world, but as Algebra 1-2 in PPS)

    • Algebra 3-4 (known as Algebra II or second year algebra around the world, but as Algebra 3-4 in PPS)

    • Precalculus

    • AP Calculus AB

    • IB Math (SL and HL); The Analysis versions, not the Applications (statistics) versions.

    • First year College Calculus

    • Note: Not statistics. I strongly recommend Debby Barany for any math, but especially statistics.

  • GED

    • I think the GED is a fine route for all kinds of students​ from those who are struggling in high school academically, emotionally, and/or socially, to those who are doing great in high school, but just want to get their GED and do something that fills their souls a bit more. I did this last year and the students and I had great success.​

  • Dead Scientists Society​

    • The Dead Scientists Society is a secret society of youths who are fascinated by math, science, nature, mystery, problem solving, and adventure. Supervised by me. Lots of learning. Nothing like school. No set schedule. Eight or so youths. Fee to be determined. Let me know if you are interested.



See the separate special page for scheduling.


I meet students at my office:

  • 7912 SW 35th Avenue, Suite #3, Portland OR 97219-2427.

  • That is above Marcos Restaurant in the historic Nelson Thomas Building, Multnomah Village.

  • I am open to Zoom tutoring as needed. 

  • My travel schedule will require that in-person student might occasionally meet via Zoom.

If you or your student needs some help with any of these classes, send me an email by clicking the email address at the bottom of this page. Tell me:

  • The name of the student, contact information, class name, school, teacher.

  • Whether you prefer an individual or small group setting. Groups can be formed by clients or by me. Talk to me, we will figure it out.

  • I am prioritizing small groups this year!

  • Your preferred day and time.

TUTORING RATES for classes other than AP, IB, College

1 student = $80/hour

2 students = $50/hour each

3 students = $40/hour each

4 students or more = $35/hour each

I rarely have groups larger than 5. 

I bill for each group session even if a particular student does not attend.

TUTORING RATES for AP, IB, College, and other Advanced Courses

1 student = $100/hour

2 students = $60/hour each

3 students = $50/hour each

4 students or more = $45/hour each

I rarely have groups larger than 5. 

I bill for each group session even if a particular student does not attend.


I keep a Google Doc for each student that I update at the end of each session. I include what we worked on during our time together, what the students should work on before next time, and other notes that help me be a better tutoring for the student. These notes also help the student keep track of their progress, and allow the parent(s) to follow along and see their student's progress. Parents and students can make notes in the Google Doc.

I also use each student's Google Doc to track our time together for billing purposes.


I bill once per month. On or very near the first of the month I use Square (a computerized billing and point of sale program used by many small businesses) to bill each family for the previous month. The parent(s) will receive an invoice by email. Parents can pay by debit or credit card, or bank transfer directly in Square, using Venmo or PayPal, using an old-school paper check, or with cash. 


My cancelation policy is this: Try to not cancel. But I know that students these days have complicated schedules and things change. Give me as much advance warning as possible. I do NOT charge for cancelations or rescheduling. I DO charge for no-shows. Everyone gets one free no-show. The second and third no shows are $25. The fourth and fifth no shows are full price. If you no-show five times then you are no longer able to schedule with me. 

Try to not reschedule. It is easier on everyone to have a regular schedule that we stick to. But, of course, rescheduling is sometimes necessary. When you do need to reschedule, do so as far ahead of time as you can.

Very rarely, I need to cancel or reschedule. Please be understanding when this happens.


See the "About" page for a resume and references.


Anyone who is a descendent of slaves in the US in the last 500 years receives a 50% discount. This is part of my contribution to reparations for US slavery.

Anyone who is a Native American of the Cascade Bioregion receives a 50% discount. This is part of my contribution to reparations for the US stealing native land.

Anyone who cannot afford my rates is welcome to apply for a partial fee-waiver. If your family income is the same as mine or more, you need to pay full price (except for the two discounts above). If your income is one-half of mine, you pay half-price. If your family income is one-quarter of mine, you pay one-quarter-price. My current gross family income for a family of 3 is about $70,000. 

All discounts are strictly honor system. I believe strongly in the basic decency of humankind.

Anyone who earns more than me is welcome and encouraged to support my efforts to provide high quality tutoring to anyone who desires it by making a donation. Coriolis is a sole-proprietorship for-profit business owned by me. Donations to Coriolis or me are not tax deductible.

If you would like to support my work in general but prefer to make a tax-deductible donation, please do one of the following:

  • Support my youth astronomy education work with the public at-large through the Rose City Astronomers by sending an email to

  • Support the Ida B. Wells High School (SW Portland) Astronomy Club at this link

All of these are fully tax-deductible. If you make a donation to one of these, please also send me an email with your name and the amount so I can make sure the donation is properly accounted for and you are appreciated appropriately.

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