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Dumbbell Nebula by Teagan Snyder, Wilson High School Class of 2019

Practice Star Parties

Next practice star party is: Sunday, May 28, 8:45 pm, Gabriel Park basketball court.

The Star Party is ON! (updated 7:10 pm)

We will be having some practice star parties throughout May, June, and July 2023. these are for students who want to learn how to operate a telescope and how to help lead public star parties.

There is no schedule for these. We will watch the weather and send out announcements to an email list of just those who have asked to be included in these. to get on that list send me an email here.

(I had earlier said they would be on Thursdays, but I got overwhelming feedback that Thursdays were not good during the school year. They will most likely be on Friday or Saturday nights until school gets out. Then they might be any night of the week.)

You do NOT need to have a telescope to use. But if you do have one, bring it!

Note: These star parties are not for the general public. The goal is to get telescopes ready and students trained to lead public star parties. 

If you have not been to one of my star parties before go to Star Parties General to learn what you need to know.

Please email me if you are planning to come.

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