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Joe' Minato's Summer Math Review

Update, August 10, 2023: This was very successful, and to be honest, loads of fun. The students and I greatly enjoyed developing math skills in a less formal, more relaxed setting, independent of homework assignments, tests, and grades. I was thrilled with the progress that the students made. I full intend to do this again in future summers. It is also possible to do this during the school year, the issue would be for students to find the time to put in the hours of practice needed to boost their skills. Contact me anytime to learn more and make a plan.


Many students at all grade levels are struggling in math. To address this need, I am offering a Summer Math Review for students in grades 6 - 12 beginning in the fall. The goal is to review material that the student should know at their current grade level. We will start with a 45 minute or so diagnostic test using the learning platform iXL. From there I will craft an individualized plan for the student to review and strengthen their skills. I will teach new skills as necessary. A typical student would meet with me for one hour per week and would work on their own for 1 - many hours per week, whatever the student, parent, and I agree on. 

I am available immediately (Monday, June 12, 2023). I am available anytime to discuss this with you/your student.

I will be traveling a bit this summer as I am sure most students will be too. We will work out the details.

My fee is $80/hour with small groups possible. See my main tutoring page for further details about my tutoring.

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