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Joe' Minato's Summer Math Review

Minato's Summer Math Review is a variation on Minato's Math Mentoring. If you have not read that page, do so now then come back here.

Summer Math Review is Minato's Math Mentoring in the Summer (or perhaps other school breaks). The differences are:

  1. I am often not in Portland during the summer. Our sessions will usually be by Zoom. For Summer 2024 I will be out of town about July 3 - early September. If we get going in June we can have our first few sessions in person, which is a good idea. There are 1 - 3 weeks of the summer when I am completely off line.

  2. Since students are not in school, they should work severals hours per week.

  3. I am willing to spend more than 15 minutes per week with students. In fact, one to two hours of one-on-one time is recommended. We can find the proper place on the mentoring-tutoring spectrum for each student. The best plan is to meet in person in June a few times and work out an individualized plan for the student.

My fee is $80/hour with small groups possible. See my main tutoring page for further details about my tutoring.

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