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The Whirlpool Galaxy by a student of mine. (I will figure out who!)

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Teacher Training & Professional Development

I am offering one of my most popular classes, "Space Science Essentials," through the Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education, sometime in 2023. Contact me for more information and to get on the list. Here is the syllabus from the last time I taught this course. I am presently working on revisions to the syllabus, your input is welcome.

When: Sometime in 2023. This is still being scheduled. If you have scheduling input, let me know. If you need my services prior to then, see "Teacher Coach" below. I am available anytime for this.

Format: Partly online asynchronous, partly online Zoom, partly in the field at night. Mostly what works for you..


Cost: $350 for graduate level credit. $250 without credit. 15 hours of contact time. 15 more hours of work for graduate level credit. That will be working with me to design your course.


Who: The intended audience is school teachers who wish to teach astronomy at any level, grade 3 - 12. The course will be individualized for each participant. 


While this is designed for beginning educators, veteran educators and non-educators are welcome and encouraged. Self-motivated and mature high schoolers thorugh retired folks and everyone in-between is welcome.



I also act as a "science teacher coach." Schools or individual teachers can hire me to work with them to improve their science teaching. I provide coaching, curriculum, guest lessons, co-teaching, and supplies. Details are worked out on a case-by-case basis.


1 participant = $75/hour

2 participants = $100/hour = $50/hour each

3 participants = $120/hour = $40/hour each

4 participants = $140/hour = $35/hour each

more = work out the details, but likely about $30/hour each.

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