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RCA and Coriolis Youth Astronomy Club General Meeting & Presentation

Rose City Astronomers Monthly Meeting & Presentation


RCA is a membership organization. You need to pay annual dues to take full advantage of what the group offers, which is substantial. Annual membership is $30 for the whole family or $12 for just a student.

On the third Monday of the month the Rose City Astronomers has their monthly General Meeting and guest speaker. These are in-person at the OMSI auditorium and/or on Zoom. You need to check their website each month to see what there are doing that month. The in-person OMSI general meetings are open to the general public. Some months, especially if there is an in-person speaker, I (Joe Minato), will be attending the meeting and am happy to take up to five students. Contact me if you are interested. We can work out the details.


Coriolis Youth Astronomy Club Monthly Meeting & Presentation

The Coriolis Youth Astronomy Club is free for any youth. To sign up for the club and get the emails, click here. Some events that require transportation, lodging, and/or food have a fee. But, most other events including the monthly presentations, are free.

On the fourth or fifth Monday of the month, from 7 - 8 pm, The Coriolis Youth Astronomy Club will host a guest speaker​. Any youth interested in astronomy is welcome and encouraged to attend. To sign up for the club and get the emails, click here. 

If you are a serious amateur or professional adult astronomer who would like to give a presentation in the future, let me know!

Date                        Speaker Name                              Title of Talk

(all Mondays)

September 26                 Joe Minato                                 Introducing the Coriolis Youth Astronomy Club &

                                                                                              Making Authentic Astronomical Measurements

October 24                      Mike Reitmajer                            How to Conduct a Productive Observing Session

November 28                  Michael McKeag                        Nightsky Photography: How to start and where you can go!

January 30                       Ethan Siegel                               The James Webb Space Telescope

February 27                     Sean Curry                                   Detecting Flares on Distant Stars

April 24                            Rob Brown                                  Visual Spectroscopy

May 22                             Mary Coolidge                            The Importance of Dark Skies

Neither the 4th nor 5th Monday is open for the months of December or March. But we could schedule the 2nd Monday. I'll think about this. If you have thoughts, let me know. That would be December 12 and March 13.

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