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Chiloquin Eclipse Viewing, Thursday, October 12
8:00 - 10:30 am

The Eclipse Viewing Party is ON regardless of weather.

If it is cloudy we will still be at Spinks Community Park hoping for breaks in the clouds.

Here is the timing for Chiloquin

Start of Partial Eclipse (C1): 8:05:23am

Start of Annular Eclipse (C2): 9:17:30 am

Maximum of Annular Eclipse (MAX): 9:19:37

End of Annular Eclipse (C3): 9:21:44.2

End of partial eclipse (C4): 10:41:36

Times for latitude, longitude 42.57764º, -121.866613º

Source: Xavier M. Jubier

There are many places on the Internet to stream the eclipse. Here are two:

Exploratorium Stream

NASA Stream 

   The Milky Way, Yosemite National Park, by Akseli Mende, Ida B. Wells High School Class of 2021

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